• Our educational system produces slaves, not happy people.
  • Consumerism and competition rule our every thought. Anxiety, depression and isolation are now the new normal.
  • We are so busy working to meet society’s inhuman expectations that we don’t have time to even think anymore.
  • We have created the most unhealthy generation of humans of all time. Overweight, sick and tired.
This book is designed to cut through all the BS you have been force fed and come up with your best life. Screw the indoctrination and start the most rewarding journey of your life.

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Hi, David Leon here, I am gonna give it to you straight up:

“Hard work is the new Stupid”

And you know what? Instead of preaching hard work and excellence I am here to tell you that is just BOLLOCKS! I am the anti-motivational speaker, I am the only one that will tell you the truth about success and hard work. Hard work only works for a small minority os super talented individuals, the rest of us need to work smart or we are in deep shit. The big capitalistic machine doesn’t want you to know that it owns your soul. Let me show you a better way to live happily and successfully within the rigged system. This book features clearly outlines strategies and ideas based on scientific data and observations. It also tells you the story of Douchee Bragg, our “fictional” motivational speaker, who will show you all that is wrong with society’s way of thinking. He is a bit of a douchebag and I can assure you that he will make you cringe and laugh.

Would you like to experience what everyone is talking about?

Learn some of our new philosophy and even be introduced to your new favourite anti-hero Douchee Bragg who will show you exactly what not to do to be happy


This book is a practical and contemporary version of Think & Grow Rich. It puts into words quite a few of my thoughts and daily rituals. Must read.
Ben Doyle
Award winning developer, Sydney
I pride myself on never working too hard, but I always felt like I was a weird creature. This book has shown me that I was in the right path and given me new tools that I can’t wait to use
Yewseng Goh
Property Investor, Singapore
David shows how easy it is to be happier with yourself and to use your ‘uniqueness’ to create balance in our personal and business lives
Donna Watts
Realtor, Auckland
I suggest getting this one when if you are trying to work out what you want in life and don’t want to do the rat race grind. David is a beast
Stephen Kirk
Entrepreneur, Auckland
I think your book is amazing for people that might be troubled with an unbalanced work life balance I hope your book jolts the many people struggling with this and out of the delusion of chasing money fame and power
Michael Mackinven
Realtor, Auckland
Great and easy read for anyone wanting to reprioritise their life and explore a different path to find happiness
Mike Handcock
6 Times International Best Selling Author, Chairman of Circle of Excellence
I never knew being lazy could actually lead to success until I read the lazy happy successful book. The authors practical approach towards productivity and happiness helped me to redefine my lifestyle, leading to a more fulfilling life. This book is a must read for anyone seeking a between laziness, happiness, and success.
Simon Sandall
Celebrity Chef, Sydney
Loved this book and that it is all about reducing the ra ra and bullshit and giving you a direct message. I loved all the characters in the story and I am sure I pissed myself laughing in multiple occasions. Great read
Andrew Sweet
Chief Business Officer, Cricket South Australia

Most of the “successful” people I have met and worked with are miserable bastards!

I have had the privilege to be invited to work and present alongside some of the most recognisable minds of our generation. People like Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins (definitely neither of them were miserable bastards, they were bloody amazing humans). Let me tell you a secret, these other “success stories” were anything but happy. They had lost their joy, their spark, their humanity… they were just power and money hungry machines. How f*cking sad! If people that society see as “successful” are actually miserable, imagine what chance we have as normal people to actually be happy if we follow the rules we have been subjected to.

F*ck the rules! Come to the happy side and let’s create a new set of rules together!

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(Be one of the first to embark on the lazy, happy, and successful journey. Secure your pre-order of ‘Lazy Happy Successful)


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By understanding the ideas presented in this book you will:

  • Understand and dump our “inhuman life balance”
  • Have simple & practical strategies to improve your health, relationships & financial situation
  • Recover the zest for life you had as a child
  • Re-prioritise your life with our Triple A principle
  • Let go of the 7 thoughts that are holding you back
  • Identify when to quit and how to uncover great opportunities
  • Let your unique personality define your life path
  • Be able to de-program yourself from the matrix

Listen to a sample of the Audiobook read by David Leon the Author Which is available on Audible soon