Barber's Foods – A Colorado Food Hub

Colorado based, Family Owned Local Food Company

Welcome to Barber's Foods

Barber's Foods is a Colorado, family-owned wholesale food distributor. We got started way back in 1949 in Broomfield, CO by raising turkeys. Now we are a distributor of local, organic, natural and premium proteins, including poultry, beef, bison, pork, lamb, and even Colorado grown beans!

Our Featured Delicacies


All of our chicken is Air-Chilled, meaning it processed using cold air instead of dirty chlorine baths. We guarantee you will taste the difference!


Bison is high in iron and protein, a perfect delicious foundation for any dish!

Colorado Beans

Our Colorado Beans are grown locally and produced by farmers that we personally know!


We provide Wagyu, Angus, and Hereford beef cuts. Our meat is tender, flavorful, and perfectly marbled.


Our Turkey is tender, flavorful, and full of nutrients. It makes a great addition to any dish!

What Our Clients Say

"Our family owned restaurant buys organic and natural meats from Barber's, including chicken, turkey, bison, pork and beef. We LOVE their meats."
Lauren Wescott
Barber's Foods Customer
"Premier supplier of quality, clean label meats. We have used Barber's for almost 10 years. They get hard to find products and work with us on small deliveries".
Greg Shope
Barber's Foods Customer
"Our company carries their Turkeys and Chicken breast. Our customers love it. Best poultry in the state".
Kwame Warner
Barber's Foods Customer