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Our Story

With a key focus on delivering cost-effective and agile connectivity services, Mr Rakan Al-Ruwaili founded Electronic Balance Accuray Limited EBALTECH in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We help retailers monitor their stores in multiple locations using the latest AI technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading market player in the new age of connectivity.  We aspire to assist retailers in operating their outlets smoothly by offering the most comprehensive, cost-efficient monitoring solutions using Artificial Intelligence.


Unlike complicated VPN features, we can connect and secure your OT, IT, IoT devices, sites, and applications transparently over any dynamic IP, static network, or private IP connection.

How it works


Retailing made simpler with our simple, seamless, secure connectivity solutions Whether you operate one store or a chain of retail outlets, we can help you smartly upgrade your existing store monitoring and data collection techniques using AI technologies.


Maximize your network’s potential with unprecedented visibility, centrally managed security, and performance at scale with us. Whether connecting two sites, thousands of branches, or direct to your cloud, we offer quick and cost-effective solutions to meet your diverse needs

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