Investing in property successfully is not easy. Our team and community makes it simple & profitable from day one.

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We understand.

Building a profitable property portfolio isn’t easy.

There are plenty of pitfalls and problems that will cost you time and money and tend to drive investors to quit after buying a couple of properties.

Big decisions like arranging finance, choosing the right mortgage, setting up companies, trusts or selecting the right location will leave most investors feeling stressed and confused.

Then there are tenants. Should you use a property manager? How do you know if the tenants are going to be problem tenants?  How do you deal with tenants when things turn sour?

And this is before you even get started negotiating with ruthless estate agents, writing sales and purchase agreements, going through due diligence lists to make sure you don’t buy a lemon, dealing with dodgy tradies and spending countless hours on open homes and driving to shitty deals.

We have been teaching investors to build profitable portfolios for over 2 decades and we know first hand how hard it is when you go at it alone. Most “investors” don’t even have a strategy and they just buy a property because it is close to where they live…. a recipe for disaster!

Well, guess what! We are here to make your property investing easy and profitable. Not only do we have all the information, tools and networks that you need but we also have a thriving community of investors with ready made deals for you to enjoy and profit from.

This is the perfect opportunity for the smart investor who wants to make PASSIVE profits and not to waste their valuable time doing all the tiring leg work.

BUT…. I don’t have much money at all!!! This obviously isn’t for me, right? WRONG! Our community thrives because we have ACTIVE investors who use our strategies to profit from property using very little or none of their money. Lease Options, rent to rent, airbnb, deal packages… so many options when you are with the right crowd.

So if you are sick and tired of not being able to get ahead though property take the leap now and start enjoying:

– Less stress from properties you shouldn’t have ever bought

– LESS problems 

– MORE quality time with your family

– MORE traveling in style while your properties produce cashflow

– MORE fun and irreplaceable memories

– MORE energy and happiness

DO IT ONCE AND DO IT WELL. If you follow this mantra you are going to be able to wake up every morning knowing that your investments will take care of your financial needs while you concentrate on doing life the right way.

AND you don’t have to do all that other stupid stuff that the other “ so called investors” do that drives them into an early grave! Not you, you are way too smart for that, congratulations!!!

Be in control of your life and choose now whether you are going to start by being more ACTIVE or more PASSIVE. How do you choose? Simple, if you have access to funds (cash, equity, etc…) and you are already too busy to do all that property setup stuff then you are better off going PASSIVE from TODAY. If you have no access to funds or if you have some extra time to get your hands dirty to build a cash pot  then by all means go ACTIVE.

Choose now and add more CHA CHING (sound of money just in case you haven’t said it out loud) to your life





Done for you and fully managed portfolio building for people wanting to build wealth fast. Direct access to some of the best deals in the market. Yes, we guarantee your results and we’re amazing.

learn how to do it yourself


Basically a business in a box. ALL you need to run a property business regardless of your financial and intelligence situation. You just need to follow the plan and get on with it. No questions asked guarantees.

Better properties, less risk, MORE PROFITS.

Have you had a guts full of not making cash flow from property…we get it…we’re here to save you the headache and remove the guesswork of what can be a bloody minefield. Let us hold your hand while building your portfolio, faster with less mistakes and have a good time while doing it (we use proven methods that work)

Average Profit in year 1:


This is per deal!

Common Gross Yield:


Create cashflow in any market

Standard ROI:


Make your money work hard so you don’t have to

Our deals get snapped in:

48 hours

Yes, our hot deals don’t last long because they make $$$


Most property educators ‘gurus’ promise the world and deliver very little. All info, no action..all bells & whistles, no results. That stops right here. Numbers don’t lie and we’ve helped our partners buy over 500,000,000 (yes million) worth of property deals creating massive amounts of cashflow for our valued clients.

From live weekly deal analyzing clinics, strategy planning sessions and access to one of australasia’s largest online property training platforms that goes deep into strategies such as Traditional buy to rent, portfolio building, boarding houses, rent by the room, AirBNB, flips, renovations, subdivisions, developments, investing overseas and more… We will have you doing property deals right away and it will go from a side hussle to your main source of income in record time if you follow our system.

 Property Investing Is Complicated. We Make It Simple. 




We are a strong community and we all benefit from it. We don’t throw you to the wolves (aka preferred contractors/developers) for a few dollars (kickbacks). SCREW THAT!!!

There are no kickbacks, just direct access to next level discounts on services, trades, quality networking, and the ability to buy and trade properties to a wide range of our international and local investor networks. Because together we are stronger. Likeminded superstars working and playing together. So good it gives us goose bumps.



Real Estate Mastery Book is an easy to read no bullshit book that gives you the guts of property investing.

In my humble opinion (Well, I am actually not that humble) reading this book is a great FREE step of your journey. So stop wasting any more time and click on the pretty little button and start reading this glorious piece of art.

It’s free after all, so what have you got to lose.

"The best part of this whole process is having the freedom to do this with my family and bring my dad out of working for the last few years"

Stephen Kirk - Auckland, New Zealand

"Over the last four years, we've been able to acquire seven properties across Australia and New Zealand thanks to David’s knowledge and team"

Tiffy Rubinat, Sydney, Australia

"We finally after a few months, got our first block of four rentals, which was incredible. And I've been fortunate enough to complete nine flips in the last 18 months"

Tom Burrell - Auckland, New Zealand

"So whilst Life was good, it was hard to earn money. I figured I had to do something different to get easier money, something that I don't have to work hard for."

Yewseng Goh, Auckland, New Zealand

asked questions

It depends! If you are going to commit to the ACTIVE package then you really don’t need any money to get started besides your initial investment and a few grand to do some of the initial leg work and to cover small costs. If you are going to go PASSIVE I would say that you need a minimum on $90k in cash or usable equity.

It really depends on your current situation and your goals. Our educational and action taking program is designed to guide you to make this decision. Once you make it then there will be plenty of deals and area options available though our network and community.

Because they suck and we are great! Well… some of them are actually ok and we don’t like putting others down (even when they deserve it). What we can tell you is that we have taught hundreds of thousands and we know this business better than anyone else. We have shared the stage educating people all over the world with the likes of Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins. If you want the best and more useful education you came to the right place. Our system is the full system and not the half system..

Right away you impatient little monkey! Just click in the button below and let the magic begin. We make the process seamless so that you just have to follow the simple steps.

I love my skeptical new friends. Look, there are two main reasons we do this:

  1. It is freaking awesome to see people achieve great things and change their life for the better. Seriously cool!
  2. By creating our thriving community we ALL get access to better deals and discounts

And of course, we like diversifying our income streams.

Nobody has ever asked this question but I think they should have. Yes is the simple answer, you do the course and you become incredibly good looking and articulate. You even get a weird Spanish accent!


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where should we send the link to the training video?

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