Tasmanian Devils


Why Tasmanian Devils?

Over the last 25 years, Tasmanian devils have been facing their own pandemic: devil facial tumour disease (DFTD) is an infectious cancer that has decimated devil populations throughout Tasmania and if no one acts, they will eventually become extinct. Me and my brother, we realized we had to do something in order to be able to help them. Today we are here, we managed to gather some personal funds to start a project. We decided to create a collection of 5000 Tasmanian Devils (NFT), each one unique due to its different characteristics. This project will be launched with the help of digital platforms and celebrities where we can make an appeal for this mission. Where big part of the profits will be used to help on Research for the cure.


Every Tasmanian Devils NFT comes with special perks and community benefits for owners!

Special acess to Discord channels for Tasmanian Devils Holders

Exclusive Merch for holders

Exclusive Airdrops for holders

Chance to win 50k $, exclusive 1/1 Hand Drawn art

Our team

Oliver Walker


Peter Cooper

Marketing Genius

Leo Cooper

Chief of Communications



We started creating our website and socials, we gonna open our Whitelist and start initial marketing

Focus on the Community

We continue to do giveaways, and get in touch with celebrities, with the initial objective of building a good community before any sale

Charity is Important

Our whitelist is full, its time to start the public sale, and in the sellout, we donate 50k$ to the official “The Tasmanian devil appeal”, and we will give 50K$ to whoever has NFT 1/1 of Elixir with the cure and 1 Trip For Tasmania or Ethereum equal value, to whoever has NFT 1/1 of our version of Taz

We are Stronger Together

Creation of the Community Fund, Press Releases, we start the 2nd Phase of Marketing, Official Merch and Buybacks from Floor to supply NFTX Liquidity Pool

Tasmanian Devils Pass

We start doing Collaborations, we get verified on Opensea, we will give 50 Random NFTs from floor to celebrities, and we gonna do the 1st airdrop to Holders, as we start working in our Metaverse.


The Official Tasmanian Devils launch date is to be announced. Follow our social media to be aware of the official announcements.

The Price of Minting will be 0.05ETH + Gas Fees.

You can check all the info on our discord in how to get whitelisted, be early.

When we launch we gonna share our mint page with all our community.

There will be a total of 5000 Tasmanian Devils NFTs.

Once minted, you will be able to check your NFTs on Opensea.